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Coronavirus Biology and Pathogenesis
On the Front Lines
Approaches to Vaccines and Drug Development
Blocking SARS Virus Fusion
Lessons in Interventions for SARS
Status of Drug Screening vs. SARS
Adenovirus Vector Technologies for Vaccines
Some Approaches to Vaccine Development
Panel 3 Discussion
Future Perspectives on Emerging Infections
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SARS in the Context of Emerging Infectious Threats SARS in the Context of Emerging Infectious Threats
Approaches to Vaccines and Drug Development
Panel 3 Discussion

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Potential of Drug and Vaccine Success
• SARS CoV has good potential for vaccine development because it grows well in cell culture at high titers, there is a plaque assay, it can be titered, there are good targets, assays are relatively quick, and RNA alone is infectious.
• Likely successful drug or vaccine targets are those involved in entry, protease, and RNA polymerase.
• Induction of neutralizing antibody ought to be the first objective in vaccine development, before worrying about inducing mucosal immunity.

Sharing Information
• There is a lot of information about immune response and protective responses in animals using the MHV system, and some may be directly translated to SARS.
• Some collaboration will go on amongst pharmaceuticals and is already occurring between academic or government scientists and pharmaceutical or biotech scientists.

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